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Community Events at the Pottery Mill

At The Pottery Mill, we host events open for our members, classes and surrounding communities. From sales to smashing pottery, we hope you'll join us!

Smash Bash

What is a smash bash? Well, it’s in the name! We take some old & left behind pottery, lay out a couple canvas drop cloths and throw our pots against a brick wall! It is full of smashing, laughs and yummy food! Our first smash bash in September of 2020 was a huge success, our members helped us bash hundreds of pieces by throwing, pitching and batting pottery against a wall out in our parking lot. Depending on how much pottery we accrue over the year, we have plenty of boxes to buy and smash! The Smash Bash is a fantastic event and a charitable one, we raised and donated a portion of the profit to local charities, and will continue to do so!

Raku Firings

Raku Firings- We’re taking this a little old school with our raku firings! What is a raku firing? Well, in short it is a specialty firing- much more than placing your pieces in the kiln and waiting 24 hours to see your results. We take glazed bisqueware, place it in our raku, bring the temperature up to about 1800 degrees (F) and remove them at that temperature! While glowing hot, they are picked up with tongs and placed into a metal receptacle full of combustible material-newspaper, grass clippings, horse hair, etc. The finish of a raku firing is a truly, unique, one-of-a-kind surface that you can simply not achieve in other firings! Our raku firings take place on private property and our day is full of hanging out, yard games, food and beverages as we await the kiln’s temperature to rise! 

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Sidewalk sale

pottery sale website.jpg

Welcome to the sidewalk sale! A yearly event hosted by our talented artists working at the Pottery Mill! A sidewalk sale is just what the name implies, setting up some tables outside the Mill and displaying beautiful handmade pottery for sale. Gifts for you or loved ones, it is a perfect way to acquire wonderful pots and meet some local artists! 

Annual Holiday Sale

pottery sale 2 website.jpg

Our first annual holiday sale, coming Winter 2021! We’ll be offering beautiful handmade pottery, free workshop prizes, raffles, and a spread of yummy treats and beverages! Handmade presents have long been an endearing way to wish each other Happy Holidays and that is just what you’ll find at our Holiday sale. Pieces running from mugs to bowls, cups to ring dishes, butter crocks to cake plates, you’ll find the perfect gift here! We hope you stop by, buy some gifts and of course, meet the artists!

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