Our Flexi-bats give a finished foot and a stamped impression on the pots bottom with no added effort or time! Because the bats create the pattern and the foot while you work, you spend zero to very minimal time trimming.  The bats also help potters stay constant with the size of their foot. The foot on these bats are deep enough that the potter can still glaze the bottoms. Our Flexi-bats do not have the loud wobbling and shuffling noise that other bats have.  Made from a foam material, they are absorbent and stretch around the wing nuts of your wheel and last for a generous amount of uses. The diameter of the foot is just shy of  3 and 1/3 inches, leaving room for your work to shrink and still have a good solid base size for a mug or smaller bowl. The square shape of the bat helps with optimal storage for your work. 

Our bats vary in color depending on materials available, however the main colors are, pink, black, blue, and purple.


The inspiration for these bats came about when potter Chelsi Hanley was struggling to have the intricacy in her work that she desired, but didn't have the time or the ability to come back to the studio days later to trim and decorate.  She was also looking for ways to add clean cut imagery to her work and utilize time she had outside the studio doing graphics work.


Our Flexi-Bats offer endless images and patterns that can be made. We will be coming out with a bat intended for wider based pieces such as larger bowls or smaller plates. Custom orders will be available soon with your logo or design. Watch the video bellow to see our bats in action.

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