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Event Planning

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I have spent way too much time on pottery Instagram and watching the great pottery throw down so here are some ideas I have for member workshops / events.

Do any of these sound feasible or like something others would be interested in?

  1. Luster glaze firing. Members bring in fully glazed work and are provided with an array of luster over glaze (gold, mother of pearl) etc to apply. Pieces are then fired to come 018.

  2. Handbuilding workshop geared to those familiar with clay, maybe something a little more advanced than the workshops geared towards outsiders?

  3. Nerokomi workshop with mason stains for colored clay.

  4. Day long workshop on how to throw large - how to center more clay, how to pull that much, etc. (possibly throwing in multiple sections?)

  5. Chemistries of glaze - mix your own custom glaze.

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Welcome to our planning group, we are hoping this will allow...


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