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Event Planning

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We're looking to do a few member get together/workshops and some holiday events for the rest of the year so please give us any feedback or thoughts!

  1. We want to include the members in our staff "challenge" making lamps. Abby and David have started the challenge and we all know Matt makes the coolest lamp bodies so we wanna extreme our project to each of you. We'd like to plan for a night we can get together and wire the lamps up at the studio some time in December which will give plenty of time for building your masterpieces first. Here's the wiring kit I'll be using but Matt also just disects a cheap lamp for its wiring.

  2. Instead of a shelf decorating contest this year we're going to do a Christmas tree you can donate ornaments in your personal style to and then you'll be entered into a raffle with some prizes including a whole bag of clay! Let us know your thoughts of course.

  3. We'd like to do a community sale elsewhere instead of a holiday sale at the studio unless y'all have positive feedback about it. In this case please feel free to share any upcoming events with Jessica.

I'll share more ideas as we get closer to working on them very soon.

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Welcome to our planning group, we are hoping this will allow...
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