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Hi Everyone! Tomorrow’s (4/30/2020) member Zoom meeting ID is 720 7048 8930, password 6KnEUu. We’ll meet at 6:30 pm. I will show you how I make jumbo mugs inspired by the work of artist @earthtoannie on IG. Also, please have the following leather hard slabs ready:

a) 1/4 inch thick slab; 7x12 inches for the body.

b) 3/8 inch thick slab for making a 3 inch diameter circular slab.

c) 1/6 inch thick slab of 3x6 inches for making a hollow handle.

I expect the meeting will last an hour or so. Hope to see you all!

Caroline Miller
Chelsi Hanley
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02 de out. de 2020

Melodie, that’s fine. It’s all for fun anyway!

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