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Hey guys! We're implementing a new system for when you put pottery in the kiln room to be fired. There will now (sometime this week) be a tablet, scale, and receipt printer. This is to track clay being purchased vs how much is being used. FIRING SERVICE IS STILL INCLUDED IN CLAY PURCHASED, SO THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS. You will weigh all your pottery pieces ( you can weigh them all together to make your life easy) and then you will use the SAME system you use to purchases clay. You will put the reciept with your pottery so we kno you filled this out. MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR NAME ON THE TICKETthe same way when you buy clay. The purchasing data and firing data is linked to your name. This will actually solve a few problems in the studio. Not only does it help us understand how much each member produces, the tickets help us make sure people are staying in line in waiting for firings, it gives David an idea of how long pieces have exactly been waiting to go in the kiln, it also lets us kno how many lbs of pottery we fire per kiln and stuff like that! I kno the big question of "but dry clay weighs less then wet clay" I'm going to throw a lb of clay wet and weight it both leather hard and dry to come up with a good ratio!

Gina Hupprich
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