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Hi guys! I wanted to thank everyone for their patience with all the projects we always have going on in all the rooms! No one has ever complainEd but I kno it’s still a lot sometimes! Anywho I want to update you on the direction we are going in! over the next 3 months the wheel room will get a new wedging table, a new double sink and new tables around the wheels. the glaze room will be getting a new chemical table that is stainless steel and should help the wax problem! The room that i did the floors on this week will have another sink, 3 wheels ( so you can come any day or night of the week even when classes are going) and will be the home of the new handbuilding room since it’s a bit wider. The old hb room will be home to private workspaces for memebrs who want to upgrade. So tones of things to look forward to in the next few months! And thanks again for everyone doing their part cleaning and being a great community so we can focus on growth and keep getting nice things 🥰

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