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We’re excited to announce that we’re doing the holiday sale again this year, it’ll be our third year so we hope for a great turnout.

It will be on Saturday 12/16 from 1-5pm so we won’t be in the way of the 7 week class (glaze day) or the otw. Table space will mostly be assigned upon arrival and we will be utilizing the HB, glaze, and class rooms before the wheel room. We’ll have guests arrive through the Chelmsford St door to help ensure the flow of shoppers sees everyone’s pieces.

Below you’ll find the registration like to purchase a space as well as the flyer and Facebook event. Even if you aren’t joining us in the studio that afternoon please please feel free to share the flyer on you socials. There are no additional fees as you will be manning your own table and taking whatever payment options you wish. I use Venmo and a Square reader.

Table registration:

Facebook event:


Shelby Phillips
David Dam
Rebecca Schmidt
Rebecca Schmidt
Nov 25, 2023

Thank you for offering this I spread the word to my friends to attend the sale and support the biz of others!! I totally would have tabled but I’m a librarian and I am scheduled at work this day, maybe next year! 💙



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