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Just a few things... 1)please do not put your dirty bags in the bin for recycled plastic for other people to use unless you clean them first. No one wants to pull out dirty bags. Plus all the dirty bags accumulate a lot of dust. Clean them or toss them 🤷‍♀️ 2) kiln cookies- these cookies are your responsibility to make and use. We will NOT fire pieces without them or pieces with makeshift cookies. What are makeshift cookies? This is when ya’ll take like 3/4 cookies to put under your large or awkward pieces. I suggest rolling a slab the day you make your unique piece so it can follow you through the process and will be there when you need it to glaze fire. Your kiln cookies should be WIDER then your base, so glaze can drip on it if an accident happens. Please feel free to use recycle clay. It’s located under the recycle slabs near the sink. You can think of kiln cookies as an insurance on the kiln. 3) kiln cookies again. Say your piece gets stuck to a kiln cookie... throw out that cookie please. It is now no good. There is glaze on it. Also look at the kiln cookie before you use one that has been used before, if it has glaze on it, your piece will most likely stick to it, so use another cookie. But please help the situation by throwing pout that unusable cookie that you found. If it’s not good for you it’s not good for anyone Please remember we are a community space. All the little things we each do, either beneficial and helpful to the studio or things that we know we could do better all add up quickly with so many people using the space. Please remember this as you work so we can keep our space clean, working well, and happy for us all :) rant over. I promise to have coffee before my next post 😛 enjoy your Wednesday everyone

Matt Camburn
Jenne Norton
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