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Hey guys! This is so embarrassing. But I kno there is a cat smell from the unit next door! We have had problems before with it crying. I have already told the land lord and hes trying to help but can't seem to get over at the right time to whiteness the smell or the cat crying. He can't just go into someone's untit without reason so his hands are tied. If you hear or smell a cat please text me. 9784270945. If someone already texted at the same time you smell it text me anyways please. I'm SO sorry! If anyone has any tips to mask the smell of a cat please lmk!!

Shelby Phillips
Cathy Whalen Gunnulfsen
Cathy Whalen Gunnulfsen
12 déc. 2023

At least it’s not the gospel choir.

A cats crying won’t make you go deaf or vibrate through the studio lol



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