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Hi humans, as Lauren would say. I want to thank everyone for their patience while we figure the kinks out at the studio. Unfortunately I have put away and locked most tools, they are sanitized and will be put away until further notice. Please just bring your own THIS INCLUDES A SPONGE TO CLEAN UP. feel free to use the space as you would normally just please provide your own supplies. Im so so so sorry to do this, and thank you to everyone who has reached out about making sure the space will survive over the impact of not running classes and bringing in less income. Your memberships are a huge help in making sure the space is paid for and I do think we will be ok so I want to thank you guys muchooo. So make art in the studio or at home and bring in for firings, but especially now I think it's important for people to have a creative outlet.

Matt Camburn
Jenne Norton


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