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Hi all. I’m going to try and say this as considerately as possible and I also feel via writing this may come off differently/ stronger then intended. I have made NO changes to our policy regarding people in the studio besides cleaning up after yourself, providing your own tools, and limiting your space and surfaces touched, and trying to not spend hours there. We have 2000sf of studio space. That being said the wheel room alone is 800sf. More then one person can be in there at a time. Or go work in the hb room, or the table in the office. Wear a mask and Social Distance and disinfect your area. I love how considerate members are being at the moment letting others know when they are going to be in the space. This is a true community working together. However, I have recieved personal responses to these posts confused asking if they missed something and if that means they can’t go in the studio. You are all more then welcome to go into the studio at your needs and schedule. I think these members are just being considerate so you can choose to go in and work if you want based off our own comfort levels.

All of this being said. If I come in the studio and there are like 5 people in one room I’m going to be pissed and we will have to do time slots or something. however everyone has been absolutely amazing woth this and this hasn’t been the case. Most people spend less then 10 min in the studio just returning work. Some people are spending longer but they have confined themselves and have taken nessesary steps to distance themselves. I have yet to see more then 2 people working at a time in the studio, not become we have changed any policies but I believe it’s because we are all doing a good job considering limiting our access as we are to other places we are going. please post when you will be in the studio if thar is something you want to do and if it makes you feel comfortable, do not feel obligates to post either.

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