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Hello potters and the like,

We’re aiming to expand advertising for the Sidewalk Sale, and we’d love if members could help with this task (even in the smallest of ways). Here’s a couple ways you can do that:

1. We have physical flyers! They’ll live on the table in the wheel room. If any of y’all could grab a few and spread them throughout the Merrimack Valley, that’d be fantastic and highly appreciated. Here are some ideas of where you could put them:

- Local cafes

- Libraries

- Local art studios

- Grocery/convenience stores

- Small-ish gyms

- Anywhere with a bulletin board that gets traffic

If you take and hang a flyer, let us know where you put it! That way the studio can use that information for future sales.

2. We have the event posted on our Facebook page that you could share (

3. We also have the flyer in digital form! Please share the image below on any social media you may have.

The biggest thank you ever ever EVER for both your time and doing what you can. Hope y’all have the most fantastic of weekends ❤️

Katie King
Nancy Foti
Matt Camburn
Jessica Dupuis
Unknown member
Jun 12, 2022




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