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Hi everyone!!! How you all had a much dryer werkend then us! We just unpacked from the folk fest! Saturday was unfortunately a wash with the rain, which was disappointing, but today went really well!! Because of the rain we got a lot of helpers yesterday who packed up pottery and a lot of piece got mixed in with eachother! Jessica is taking a much needed day off tomorrow. Tueaday we will let you kno what's going on with the left over pots and how we're going to organize them! Tuesday we will

also be writing out checks for people. We also learned A LOT doing this and can't wait for next year/ another big sale opportunity. Of anyone knows of any coming up please feel free to let us kno. Merrimack vally area preference. We're thinking of deff doing more of these.

Gina Hupprich
Budd Lapham
Jiaxi Jin
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