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Hi potters,

Each month we will be sharing what objects and tools are in the lost & found box. If these wares are still in the lost & found box a week from now, they will be forfeited and reclaimed by the studio.

If you see something here that you know is yours, feel free to leave a comment, and we‘ll put it aside onto your shelf! Or you can drop by the studio and pick it up yourself. The lost & found box can be found under the metal table near the front door.

Here’s a detailed list of what’s in the box:

  1. A circular wooden throwing bat

  2. An apron with a flower design

  3. A gray water bottle

  4. Some sponges

  5. A ton of tools

  6. A couple boards (one with the initials MGS, one with the initials CRMX, and a couple blank ones)

Let us know if you have any questions,

Pottery Mill Team

Jessica Dupuis
Katie King
Katie King
May 05, 2022

I’m pretty sure that is my red rib. I had lost it and haven’t been able to find it. If someone could put it in my shelf for me or I will be in tomorrow. Thanks! Katie

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