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Happy holidays everybody! We're going to pull the names for our ornament raffle after Christmas (I'll be back in on Wednesday so most likely that day) but I want to share the prize options for each of our winners!

  1. A 25lb bag of clay (your choice of color).

  2. A medium Pottery Mill holiday sweater/bag of speckle.

  3. A 1 hour lesson with a staff member to cover whatever you'd like to go over.

*Bonus* a rifle through our collection of extra tools an equipment to beef up your pottery supplies!

Here's a look at our beautiful tree for those of you who haven't made it in recently!

Clara Cooper
Kate Lai
Judi Niemeyer
Carmen L
Carmen L
Dec 23, 2023

Are the names still going to be pulled on Wednesday? I was hoping to drop off an ornament on Sunday.



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