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Hello!! I'm relatively new in the studio and wanted some advice. I'm to make some drawings on my bowls and cups., but I'm not sure what's the underglase I should buy. Any recommendation? It is for my kids (I want to paint flowers, dinosaurs, etc), so the colors I want them to be vibrant.

Thanks for the help!

Rebecca Schmidt
Rebecca Schmidt
23. Okt. 2023

Hi Erika! I second Jiaxi’s suggestion. I don’t have any of the bright colors for Amaco velvet underglaze, I just own the black and white colors right now. If you want to try before you buy, I know each color behaves a little differently but I’d be happy to let you use either underglaze I have on a test piece just to see if you like it or not. The bright clear studio glaze looks excellent on top of the black Amaco underglaze I use! My preference is to apply the underglaze during the leather hard stage, before the first firing.

Gefällt mir
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