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Two things :) one I would like to get a 9th wheel for the studio, either for members during classes or w/e. I’d like to make it a standing wheel so ppl with back problems have an option. I’d like opinions on this because they are not easily transitioned from standing to sitting. so watcha guys think

number two. We started off with a lot of bats and now we have almost none. If you are using a studio bat please remember that other people need to use them as well. I’m going to make a new rule that if using a studio bat it needs to be put back before you leave, transfer your work to a board. Or buy your own bats. I would write your names on them too since they all look the same. If you have bats please try and put some back this week so others can enjoy

Matt Camburn
Cathy Whalen Gunnulfsen
Unknown member
Oct 01, 2020

As a baby of this pottery group... What's a bat?



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