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Hi guys I wanted to chat with you for a bit about some of the studio updates. I kno Lauren posted about a week ago policies that are changing and I wanted to let you kno what we are doing to make your life easier around that and keep the studios a comfortable working environment. First off. We are spreading the wheels out when all 8 come back. They will gradually be reintroduced to the studio over the next month or so. We will have 6 tables upstairs for wheel work. We are knocking the wall down between the hallway and the office. This will become a new larger room that will be for glazing.this will allow people to spread out more. We thought this would be the best because it’s close to the kiln room and it uses the least amount of water. we moved the clay payment and Memobird to the clay closet. And we are adding supplies in there for purchase that we where once able to supply to you communally (buckets, sponges, boards) we spread the handbuilding tables out in the he hb room. I ordered soap that will be at each sink for washing up so you needed it. do not wash supplies with the soap. Use disinfectant. All of that being said. Friday’s game day and I’m knocking a wall down and it’s going to be loud and dusty. You will have access to everything but the studio may not be comfortable

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