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  • Hi There, Did someone stop in today and pick up a bisque planter that was sitting on the stainless table in glaze room next to a bisque mug? It was gone when I went into glaze it. we could have the same initials - jc- there is one on the completed bisque shelf with initials jc 22 that is not mine. also missing is a small bisque planter with built in dish. there is also one of those with initial jc 22 already bisque on the shelf but not mine. Anyway can you check to make sure it’s yours... maybe mine is in kiln! i usually have a paw print as a mark but if i’m too thin on occasion i’ll use my initials. If you can check that’s great! Thanks!

Jessica Dupuis
Jessica Dupuis
Mar 24, 2022

Do you mean you put a mug and planter there today to glaze? I’ve just checked the cameras for you and I only see you place a mug on the table

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