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SPRING RAKU WORKSHOPS 4/27 & 4/28 1-6pm

Included in the class will be: 12.5lbs of clay, an assortment of glazes, and access to our raku kiln! Throughout our day we will glaze and load our work, plus eat pot luck snacks while we await our pots to heat up sp feel free to bring food to share and/or combustibles for the pottery.

Raku firing involves bringing glazed bisqueware up to a high temperature, removing it rapidly from the kiln and into a fireproof container of combustibles-what could be a more fun and invigorating weekend? We will be hosting a few raku workshops this spring and some in the fall, however space is very limited, so sign up today! Check out other posts with the Raku tag to see updates from previous events or ask Jessica any questions as she's done at least 4 of our past events.

You must make all your greenware and have it IN LINE TO BE BISQUE FIRED BY 4/14 AT THE LATEST so it can dry and make it through the kiln in time.

RAIN DATES: We will try to reschedule to either the 27th or 28th if only one day looks like it will rain, a little dampness is okay we just don't want you to all to be miserable in any heavy rain.


Password: Member2024!

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