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Hey guys! please like so we know you’ve read this post. Starting today we’re going to be using and providing kiln wash for your cookies instead of the green wax with alumina hydrate. We know how frustrating plucking on the bottom of your piece can be and with our testing we got no plucking at all. You can find the kiln wash in the yellow jar next to the regular wax!

How to use

  • Apply a thin layer to your cookie (can be greenware, bisque Or previously glaze fired)

  • Avoid drips down the side or piled up kiln wash. Kiln wash does not move or burn off in the kiln so drips can become sharp and lumps will lead to an uneven surface.

  • Once applied it will not need to be reapplied! It will last through the kiln.

  • texture on the cookies is not needed, even on a flat cookie we got no plucking. I do still reccommend making your cookies identifiable!

  • DO NOT PUT ON YOUR PIECES! It will not burn off in the kiln

  • Please make sure we are still cleaning up after ourselves :)

Gina Hupprich
Holly S
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Gina Hupprich
Gina Hupprich
25 ene 2022

Re-apply each time?

Me gusta
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