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Morning everyone :) a few quick updates and I’d like to hear some suggestions as well :) one!!! We have a new sink in the new room! two!!! We are working on heat for the new room because it gets a bit chilly back there! We have one unit working back there now and a second one will be up in a week or so. Three we where just informed we are on the list for the small kiln to get reinstalled. There is a huge back order of parts and we are waiting on a vent for it ( for about 5 months now) but hopefully that will be happening soon. I appreciate everyone’s patience with the upgrades. I’m looking for suggestions on kiln cookies. We are always trying to find better ways of doing things. I do like the kiln Cookies organized with the date they come out of the kiln, I think that’s helpful. I’m also thinking we lable the shelves with dates so we can help you sync them a little??? That may make it easier for people to kno what box to look in? The second issue is people are cutting themselves searching through the boxes. we CAN NOT bring everyone’s piece up with the kiln cookie underneath them on the shelf. It is way too time consuming and would be A LOT more work for the girls. I was thinking of putting a pair of gloves for people to wear when looking for cookies. If anyone has any suggestions on how we can organize them or place them or a different idea besides leaving them under the pieces I’d love to hear a suggestion we are always open to trying something new :)

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21 nov 2021

Is there a way we can have the kiln cookie boxes off the floor somehow? Maybe on a shelf or something?Having a back injury, I know I kinda struggle to find them with the boxes on the floor. It also might cut down on injuries if the boxes are at a higher level and easier to go through?

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