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Please like so I kno you read. Guyyyyyysssss! YOU HAVE TO PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR CLAY RECEIPTS!!!! We do audit the door to see who goes in and buys stuff. A lot of you look realllllllllyyyyy suspicious right now because I can't associate any ( or a proportional amount for how much you use the space) clay bought with your name. for example I have stuff showing someone's last purchase was in November but they are there a few times a month.... y'all look shady. Get it together 🤣🤣 I don't wanna accuse anyone of anything... I'd

Katie King
Gina Hupprich
Zakare Johnson
Unknown member
Aug 02, 2023

Pretty sure my 2 purchases were blank because I thought it was associated with my email. I will put my name going forward! Newbie...

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