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Hey Pot(ter) Heads! I'm so looking forward to the smash bash this Sunday afternoon! Please comment below if you're bringing food/drinks for the potluck :) ALSO!!! I'd love to do a throw down competition in the wheel room-we'd love for 2-5 signups for each round. I'm thinking we do the following: Throwing blindfolded, throwing with one hand and throwing with cream cheese. All are expected to be a good cylinder; consistent thickness, even top, flat bottom, etc. Comment below if you're interested in any of the challenges! 2nd place prize is a "Skipping the line" pass in the kiln room (glaze side only, we don't need any greenware blowing up) and 1st place is a free bag of clay-your choice! Like this post if you'll be attending and we hope to see y'all soon 😝

Chelsi Hanley
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