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Internship Opportunity!

Hi everyone! I’ll be away for the month of October, so we’re looking for an intern to work at the studio for September + October. Below are some official details:

  • Internship will run from 9/3 - 10/28 for a total of 8 weeks (but there's some leeway if needed).

  • We’re asking for a commitment of 3-4 hours per week. We’d prefer if you came in every Sunday, but we’re flexible!

  • Benefits include: A free bag of clay for every month worked, and free membership for the months of September + October.

  • Some things you will be in charge of include: unloading/loading kilns, recycling clay, and general maintenance of the studio. This is a physical job that can require standing for periods of time.

  • For any college students, we might be able to get this internship counted as college credit!

Reach out to me for interest/questions! :)

Gulnora Gulyamova
Lonely Clay
Clara Cooper
Jessica Dupuis
Gulnora Gulyamova
Gulnora Gulyamova
08 de ago. de 2023

If you don’t find anyone , I am interested ☺️

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