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After a well needed day off I’m back and finally dry! First, a glaze has been unloaded today.

Now for the fun parts; we had a great time at the Folk Festival despite having their FIRST EVER evacuation/shelter in place Saturday afternoon and the first ever tent colapse for the tent complaint that took out our folding tables. I have lots of housekeeping and notes for those who participated or anyone looking forward to our next sale!

  • Y’all profited $1500 and sold 84 pots! Keep in mind 3/4 of that was Sunday because we didn’t get rained out. Can you imagine how great the whole two days would have been for everybody.

  • All of your work is ready for pickup. Many of your pieces that were displayed Saturday got very jumbled as I had to break down the whole display myself in like half an hour before sheltering in place 😮‍💨 because of that we’ve set them up in the back of the new room with your towels, boxes, etc so please take your time collecting all your things this week and make sure you sort through the towel pile. Also huge thank you to those who used towels it made packing and unpacking super easy and efficient.

  • You should each get an email from the studio (soon, bear with me) to fill out info for tax season. This is just book keeping for our end and shouldn’t affect your taxes and you should have ready in the waiver, it’ll just be a 1099. Once you’ve done that well write you a check and that’ll be available at the studio. You can check out what items sold via the google sheet too.

  • AND FINALLY we are hoping to do more events in the near future so if you have any places you find our would like to suggest I’m all ears. Some of you may not have broken even at this event but we’re hoping that doesn’t deter you! I’ve done many sales where I just barely break even after a whole day even in nice weather so I am THRILLED with the outcome we’ve had this weekend considering the circumstances.

Send me a message if you’ve got any questions!

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