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Hi potters!

I spoke with some of you yesterday but I am co hosting an event for a friends small farm in Littleton ma. We primarily want to get people to the farm to let them know it’s there and Hopi g to offer very cool things for the local community in the future.

The event is May 27, 10-2 pm

We are working on getting some vendors to join us to give the people something to “do” while taking in this cool space.

I thought now that I am part of this awesomely creative community of potters, I would ask if there is anyone interested in selling their work at this event?

We could do one large table for members that don’t have a lot of experience selling and or a lot of inventory. And or some other tables for folks that have more to offer.

I also wanted to inquire if anyone else has other hidden talents/hobbies. Art, embroidery etc! If so we would love to have you bring that as well!

As we are also looking to make some “seed” money for the farm we would ask that you contribute to an entrance fee (we are asking vendors for 25.00) but if we do a large member table we could discuss what that means if we have interest! We also are asking for small donations for a raffle event. If you have something small you think someone would bid on please consider donating!

Open to all thoughts on this! Please let me know if you’re interested!

Also, Jessica had some good ideas on how we could price out and sell member pieces if we did a joined table!

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Lonely Clay
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