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(If you saw me repost this, no you didn't 😐)

Glaze unloaded (and the 4th one going in next 😵‍💫). Last reminder but the Sidewalk Sale is this Saturday 11am-3pm! Below is a bunch of links for those interested.

Facebook event for you to share:

If you still would like a table, you can register here:

If you don’t have a lot of work or are just unavailable that day, we can sell your work for you through our Community Table! It’s a nice way to dabble in selling your pots with none of the work. Here’s the link for that:

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Susan  G
Nicole Barta
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20 jun 2023

Also here are the things we’ll be offering at the sale. We’d love to see you stop by!

- A $0.25 pottery tool sale. If you’re looking to restock on something, we’ll be offering a bunch of tools for 25 cents a piece!

- Lemonade stand with free lemonade if you buy anyone’s cup

- A plant station if you buy anyone’s planters

- A raffle for one of our wheel workshops

- A Patrick Swayze stand that you can take a picture with and recreate that scene in Ghost

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