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Hi potters,

Each month we will be sharing what objects and tools are in the lost & found box. If these wares are still in the lost & found box a week from now, they will be forfeited and reclaimed by the studio.

If you see something here that you know is yours, feel free to leave a comment, and we‘ll put it aside onto your shelf! Or you can drop by the studio and pick it up yourself. The lost & found box can be found under the metal table near the main entrance.

A detailed list of what's in the box:

  1. A wooden throwing bat

  2. A wooden board

  3. A single monochrome mitten

  4. A bag of white stoneware that fell from somebody’s shelf in the wheel room

  5. A couple tools, including a wire tool with the name Liz on it

Let us know if you have any questions (about anything!),

Pottery Mill Team

Jessica Dupuis
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