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Three quick things for you today!

First- only a few more days until the Nashua YMCA sale!!! I'm excited to bring your pieces to sell. People have already started dropping off full totes by the HB light switch!

Second- I'll be getting a small tree tomorrow and organizing some small prizes for our holiday raffle. I'll make a list and instructions for the top of the tree so you guys can decorate with some ornaments that represent you!

Third- David and I have some lamp examples for you! I'll attach a poll to this post to see what days/times work for you guys so we can have a little wiring party in December.

what times work for you for lamp wiring!?

  • 0%Saturday 12/9 Afternoon

  • 0%Saturday 12/9 Evening

  • 0%Sunday 12/10 Afternoon

  • 0%Sunday 12/10 Evening

Gina Hupprich
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