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Morning!! This is kinda hard for me to adress because I love everyone so much. I do need to point out that when Lauren and I are in are studio we are working or possible enjoying the space as a member and creating our own art. It’s a weird boundary we face because we do want to answer questions and be there to listen to your creative ideas, however sometimes It can really take us away from our responsibilities. Work which keeps your studio going. If we are in the loft please treat it as we are not there! We are more then happy to say hello (duh we do love you ) however we are probably trying to get things done. Fortunately we both have jobs where we get to see amazing people every day (you all) but we still need to make sure our jobs get done! Also, If it looks like we are being makers at the moment and working on our own art please don’t interrupt that with questions. send us an email with work related things while we are on our personal time, where we want to just make art and socialize, but we’re not working at the moment. I kno it’s a hard boundary and I love sitting and chatting for long durations of time with you all, so don’t take it as we don’t want that, I just need to remind you while you come in to be just a potter, we are here as potters and workers.

Matt Camburn
Cathy Whalen Gunnulfsen
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Oct 02, 2020

So much love and support for this!!

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