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Greetings fellow potters 👽 We're trying a different avenue for Member Love Monday submissions- I'm going to list the questions/prompts below, feel free to copy and paste them into an email and send it to and in the subject box include your name and "MLM". I figured this would be easier for those who are having some issues with google forms, google can be lame! Any way let me know if you have any questions. I'm leaving the google form link below in case you still want to submit this way. Thanks guys! ❤️☕️

1-2 sentences about yourself! Can be about schooling, work, other creative hobbies etc.

2-3 sentences about your work: common motifs, favorite things to make, fav glazes, big inspirations, etc.

Where can people find you? IG, Facebook, etsy, website, etc.

5-8 images of your work: can be work in progress, but aim for primarily finished work. Please also include a picture of yourself (possibly working or posing with your work!) Feel free to include videos as well (30-60 seconds)

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