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Happy one week before Spring! 🌱🌿🌱🌿We've had some interest from other plant obsessed members (myself obviously included) for a plant swap so let's plan a little hang out!

Comment what day you want to do it, if this month I'm thinking the 24th or 30th in the afternoon.

Here's the idea:

  • Bring in fully rooted plants whatever size you have and we can do a plant swap table, even if you can't make it we could leave some plants behind for others. (I have 30 spider plants starting to grow and I'll have them in little plastic pots/soil)

  • Snacks of course!

  • Make or decorate planters

  • Share all of our planty knowledge with each other!

If ya didn't know, I personally LOVE PLANTS and have officially reached 100 houseplants that are in my bedroom and bathroom only. It's quite a jungle 🌵🪴🌵🪴 And of course I make so many Gerald planters I've got lots of throughts on construction and drainage!

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