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Second post of the day! It’s time to plan our next studio cleanup day! PLEASE READ AND LIKE SO WE KNOW YOU’VE SEEN IT (even if you can’t make these dates). Since we have 3 off weeks we're going to do it next week so we can be cleaned up before the Sidewalk Sale.

Please vote for an option below for a day you can come, if you vote for a day we WILL EXPECT to see you there (we use the votes to count how many people will come). Even if it's just for a few minutes everyone's help is appreciated; especially with the new room we'll need all hands on deck!

For all our new members here’s how our cleanup day goes, we’ll clean for about 2-3 hours throughout the studio; floors, tools, equipment, etc. The more members that come and help the quicker we get things done! It is in your contract to join us for a cleanup day, but we know not everyone can come. We will announce the chosen day this weekend. As always if we don’t finish a task I’ll leave a list on the whiteboard up in the wheel room. Thanks!

pick your day!

  • 0%Wednesday 6/21 5-8pm

  • 0%Thursday 6/22 5-8pm

  • 0%Friday 6/23 5-8pm

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