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Only 4 days until the Sidewalk Sale! I have housekeeping for our 13 signed up members; PLUS if y'all couldn't tell we'd really love to have more of you drop off pots for the community table. There's no upfront cost this time and it'll be a great way to gauge interest in your work. There are lots of you who I think would do really well selling!

As for our signed up vendors please remember to pay cash or Venmo before the event. Also tomrorow a small kiln bisque with your pieces that we could recognize will come out tomrorow and a small glaze will go in Thursday morning if you can glaze Wednesday night!

Here's a list of things I'd strongly reccomend to those of you who haven't done outdoor sales before:

  • A pop up canopy. We do get a bit of sun in the parking lot but this time we are watching the weather for rain 🌧️ so a canopy will be great either way!

  • Folding tables and tablecloths. We don't require them but tablecloths really help pull you eye from the table towards your work instead.

  • Boxes or display items that add height. I've made my own but wooden crates or other small boxes and shelves help shoppers see all your work instead of just what's right at the front. I added photos of Clara's tables here over the years for some great examples plus the every popular wooden crate.

  • Cash/change! Don't forget that whatever you are pricing your work at will indicate what change you'll need. I do everything in 5 dollar increments so I don't have to worry about a bunch of ones. I also have my Venmo QR code printed out and use square do process credit cards but that's been my newest addition so don't stress about adding that in your first time.

  • Packaging!!! Paper bags from the dollar store or Amazon are great last minute and I use packaging/shipping paper for protection but newspaper or any recycling works great too.

  • Signage is great for showing off your pottery name, social medias, or email so people can share your work with others which helps generate new sales. I add a business card to every bag because I know the Gerald's are often given as gifts.

  • I have two of these vertical displays and an extra 5' table someone is welcome to use if they need

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