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Hi guys!! Over the past Month I have had two members tell me they can not find their work. Either a bisque or a finished glaze. I also can not find them. I take pride in not losing a single piece in over 4 years. Except within the last month. Please please double and triple check the work you are taking home is your own! Things look similar to others when they come out of the kiln. To help yourself and others with this please write your name clear on the bottom. Or get a distinct stamp that sets your work apart. I also kno people are coming in just to pick up work and may be in a rush but please take the extra second to make sure it’s your work you are grabbing!!! Also, if you have taken something by accident or recently please picked up work from the studio please check at home that it is yours! If it’s not please bring it in, we kno it was a mistake Lol

Shannon Case
Matt Camburn


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