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hi friends! many moons ago i was obsessed with buying underglaze transfers. i have since gotten help and now i have way too many and i could never possibly get through and use them all.

i have left a pile of them on a stool in front of my table (in the private room, next to the gigantic laser printer). there is a small cup with hearts on my table for cash.

for reference, a full 9x13 inch sheet of transfers costs anywhere from $7-9. if you want to just take a small portion with some scissors, please don't feel like you need to pay anything, feel free to try it!

please be careful as there are wet pieces drying on my table and please only take from the stool, there are loose transfers on my table but i plan on using those.

thanks!! tldr: buy my excess underglaze transfers they're on my stool 👍🏼

Jessica Dupuis
Nicole Barta
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