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Good evening potters, PLEASE READ AND LIKE THIS POST AS IT IS A REMINDER ABOUT AN IMPORTANT STUDIO POLICY! We have been noticing frequently two major issues regarding clay dust, including sanding bisqueware/glazeware and leaving tables/wheels covered in clay. Both of these issues leave loose clay and dust on the surfaces and airborne which can be terrible for your lungs long-term. Since we do have many members and staff who are in the studio daily, please keep in mind that you should be cleaning all of your services every time you're done. Not only for your safety, but for everyone else in the studio.

Issue One: Everyone should be cleaning up after themselves, no matter what

Please plan to leave yourself enough time at the end of your workday here to thoroughly wipe down all tables and wheels, even if you don't think you left any clay or dust on…

Rachel Klinger
Nicole Barta

Please read for cashbox reminders!

Firstly, you've all been doing really well making sure to add your names to your receipts! We've just been having a few random issues would like to address. We have been finding loose cash in the cash box with no receipt to match or the receipts not paper clipped. Please be sure to fold your money in half, paper clip, and then insert into the cash box. There are a lot of receipts in there every week and we can't always match loose money to receipts especially if you need change back! Additionally, you can just fold your money in half with a paper clip and receipt. No need to crumple or fold a whole bunch together, that way it all fits in there.

Just a reminder too, if you print a receipt without your name entered digitally, please do not write it by hand…

Gil Parnon
Jessica Dupuis
Alexandra Kharas

LIKE THIS POST WHEN YOU'VE READ IT! Every member must wipe down the tables and surfaces they've used! It only takes an extra minute and leaves the table nice and clean for the next person coming in. Not to mention this is IN YOUR CONTRACT and the extra dry clay dust causes silicosis overtime which is a huge health risk. Since the staff are here often we'd like to keep them and you safe!

Erin K.
Amy Guthrie


Firstly if you break the gasket please tell me immediately and it is not unusable and needs to be replaced! There is signage explaining the way it must go in and that your clay cannot be dry.

Additionally you MUST CLEAN the dies and gasket after use because it leaves dry chunks that ruin the next persons work and it’s just inconsiderate. This especially goes for BROWN CLAY.

Thank you for following the rules as outlined in your subscription and brown clay agreement.

Gina Hupprich
Talia Shabanian
Gulnora Gulyamova


  1. We have been finding tools including ribs, broken loop tools, and plenty of sponge pieces in our recycled clay. This is a safety hazard for David/the pug mill and these things will also end up in your speckled clay so PLEASE keep track of all the tools you are working with. This especially goes for anything you wash/keep in your water bucket.

  2. I moved the BROWN CLAY TOOLS AND SINK into the hand building room. This is in preparation for the private room sink to be disconnected and moved to the new room. This means all white clay should be washed in the private room sink for now until it is disconnected and the new sink in the new room is set up. Thank you for your efforts to keep us clean and organized!

Susan  G

PLEASE LIKE SO I KNO YOU READ. Hi everyone. I wanted to let you guys know in March we will be increasing membership prices to $66. I tried to push it off as long as I could. We have been open about 6 years and haven't had any changes to our memberships. Fortunately we have such a strong community we don't need to increase our memberships substantially and this offset should help with the increased cost of running the studio. I believe art should be accessible to everyone so If anyone has a hardship with this please reach out. You art making is super important to me.

Clara Cooper
Cindy Guidi

PLEASE READ! We have new locks on both doors leading the the hallway! This is for the security of the entire studio and your safety so please be sure they stay in the locked position. The door in the glaze room will be the point of access for the lounge and member shelves so you will all be able to get back in with the code 0978. Please let me know if you have any questions

Katie King
Nancy Foti

Hi guys just a reminder if you are the last one here PLEASE turn off all the lights including the switch that is in the class space at the top of the stairs. It's a big safety issue if someone outside sees em on during the night. Thank you!

Also we have free blue Xmas lights up for grabs in the wheel room (one strand is half out)

Gina Hupprich
Nancy Foti

We're sure you've all noticed a paintbrush shortage in the studio, so we'd like to address it. We've put a few more out but the studio provides these and other tools for your convenience. We have never had so many brushes missing. Please know that we won't be able to keep replenishing tools like this. As always please keep studio tools in the studio! Thank you

Gina Hupprich
Katie King
Kate Lai

Evening potters,

We’ve been noticing that sometimes people will leave a mess on our tables, usually because they were recycling their clay. It’s really inconsiderate to others in the studio who rely on those tables to do their own work. This is a reminder to clean up after yourselves, especially because we’ll start having brown clay in the studio and no one should have to worry about different clays cross-contaminating. Doing a last check before you leave the studio can make the world of a difference!

And here’s some information about how you could recycle in a more efficient AND cleaner way! Made by yours truly :)

Gina Hupprich
Zakare Johnson
Jiaxi Jin


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