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Hi y’all!

I have a couple glaze announcements that will all be detailed under this post:

  1. We have a name for the new pink glaze. After some deliberation, we’ve decided to go with… Rose Quartz! Some test tiles for Rose Quartz are on the test tile wall, and I hope to finish the rest ASAP. Please note that this glaze is runny whenever it is used with another glaze or with itself, so plan accordingly. It behaves very similarly to our Emeraude glaze.

  2. I had a slip-up while making a glaze, which caused a different color to be made. As such, we will be offering Caramel Sand, a tan, matte-ish glaze that reminds me of the beach! This glaze will be offered for a limited time until it is all used up. The bin for this glaze will live in the glaze room, and you can find the test tile/piece on top of the bin.

Thanks for your patience y’all ☺️

Let us know if you have any questions/concerns! I’m always open to feedback on our glazes.

Katie King
Nancy Foti
Abby Gjelsvik
Matt Camburn


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