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Studio glazing

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Hi guys many of you have expressed to me the chipping on the bottom of your pieces once they come out of the kiln! A good glazing tip. Use fresh kiln cookies, not ones that are shiny or look like they have other glaze on them. We do have used once’s in a box, but personally I think it’s important to go the extra step for your own art work and create your own so you kno your pieces will come out better. Also! Tip two. We have a special wax in the kiln room. It has something called alumina hydrate in it. Alumina does not melt in the kiln and does not stick to glass well. A quick coat on your kiln cookie will help reduce the plucking that you see on your pieces. This is NOT the same wax that is in the glaze room. I do believe you should make your kiln cookies when you are making your pieces not right before while you are glazing. This way they are dry by the time you put them on the glaze shelf with your stuff.

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