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Studio glazing

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Hello everyone!

I am new to the studio and haven’t used studio glazes yet. I am wondering if anyone can share what glazes are super runny, runny combos etc. to prevent from having any major glaze accidents 😁

Are most glazes stable on their own? Thanks!

Flavi C
Flavi C
Flavi C
May 10

Hi! Most of the glazes have labels that say which ones are runny when combined. I’ve used those as a guide and haven’t had any disasters. The ones that are runny get a faster dip if I’m layering and a longer single dip if they’re on their own. I recommend making test tiles or sample pieces that you can test glaze on, and cookies for any running that can happen. These usually help me see results better because the glaze batches can vary ever so slightly from the test tiles on the wall, and the shape of a piece can alter the reaction / effects :) my favorite stable combo I’ve tested is rose quartz and opal



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