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Hiiiiiiiii potters,

Just a few announcements related to the glaze room ✌️ There’s a poll to answer too!

  1. We renovated the space a bit! Tongs/wax/brushes/etc. can be found above the rinse bucket, while towels/sponges are next to Abby’s beautiful mural (that is so amazing and you should definitely give her a compliment the next time you see her).

  2. We’ve noticed that our Bronzed glaze doesn’t see much use (if any in the last month) by the community, and I wanted to ask how people felt about phasing it out. Please answer the poll about how you feel about the Bronzed glaze! If we see even a 20% interest in keeping it, it’ll stay. If you don’t want to keep it, let us know a different glaze that you’d love to see replace it! I have some ideas of my own that I’ll put as a separate comment :)

Thanks potterinos for your attention! Hope you have a great day ❤️

Should we keep Bronzed?

  • 0%Yes, keep it

  • 0%No, toss it

  • 0%I don’t care about its fate

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Jessica Dupuis
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