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Hey all! I went through the bisque shelves and I wanted you give a quick update. I’ve been noticing a bunch of stray pieces lately (ones that get left behind for months while they’re other pieces get picked up) I think they’re just being missed because we have so much bisque on our shelves!

I went through and stacked pieces together that have the same initials. If you have multiple pieces they should all be stacked together or next to each other! Any pieces that I wasn’t sure on, didn’t have a signature or were just a single piece were put on the right shelf. So you may find some old pieces when you pick up😅. In addition hopefully this will clear out some space and make it easier to find all of your pieces!

Also as a reminder or in case you missed my last post. Ive been putting all small pieces in the box under the right bisque shelf so they don’t get lost! And any kiln cookies that go though the bisque get stacked right next to that box.

Sorry for the long post, let me know if you have any questions!😁

Shannon Case
Marion Watson
Abby Gjelsvik
Matt Camburn
Chelsi Hanley
Chelsi Hanley
Apr 18, 2021

Thanks Caroline! Just to clarify tho this was done just because there was a lot of things left over, we will NOT be doing this each time we unload a kiln!



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