Enjoy the best of our bat system with your unique design inside! Each bat's impression is 3.5" in diameter and perfectly fitted for a 10" standard bat pin placement of the potter's wheel.  We currently only offer one size foot. All bats have both a center design in the foot ring (similar scale to the pink bat in the photo) and a smaller copy of the design in the corner (roughly 1in to 1.5 in large).  These can be used for orientation or as a decorative stamp.


We will directly import the same file you give us, we do not edit the image, please thoroughly read the qualifications bellow; If your art is not within these peramiters we will let you know and send it back for you to update; we won't process the order untill we think it will work on our bat 



1. Clear black and white PNG, PDF, or JPEG images are the only files we except.

  • Please no WORD. or other writing documents. 

  • Images with grey scale will be sent back. Refer to photo 4 for an example.

  • Do not send us photos from your phone of your computer screen. 

  • If you are taking a photo of a paper drawing it needs to be done thick, large, and black on a clean white piece of paper, we suggest sharpie; see photo 5. Please take the photo in a way that there is not a shaddow from your camera and it should be a direct head on shot.

2.  Please remember to flip your image horizontally, or a mirror image, or your font will be backwards.

3.  FONTS AND IMAGES MADE WITH LINES, lines need to be very bold. Small shapes and fonts do not work. IF THE LINES ARE TOO THIN, OR WORDS ARE VERY SMALL CLAY WILL NOT PROPERLY ADHERE AND WILL NOT LEAVE A QUALITY PRINT. - please refer to image 3

4.  Note- we automatically add the foot around the image. Take this into consideration if your design has a circle around it, you may or may not want to contribute that to the final design! You will end up with a double circle/ foot ring and it may not look as you intend. IF YOU DO NOT WANT THE CIRCLE IN THE IMAGE PLEASE TAKE IT OUT, we do not do this.

5. We will scale your image to fit in the circle appropriately, dont worry about that!

6.  Please see other Do's and Don'ts in our photos for answers to our most popular situations.


** We do not make ANY custom artwork. We only import the design you provide. Canva is an amazing free web resource for creating artwork. If you need something more specific, we do have a graphic designer who we can refer you to. Her name is Kelly, she is amazing. Her email is kdybel@gmail.com She will create a piece for you at her own commissioned price. 


Please have your design ready when you order!!! After checking out, Please use our form in the Thank You page IMMEDIATELY to include your custom artwork file.  Use the same contact information as you used for checkout so your design is linked to your email. We will message you if there are any issues with your design or can offer suggestions we think will allow for a better impression!  Custom bats are non-refundable.

-Please allow us 2 business days to respond to your design with any updates or questions.



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