Enjoy the best of our bat system with your unique design inside! We will directly import the same file you give us, we do not edit the image.

Qualifications; You will need to send us a transparent black PNG image, or a black and white jpeg that has NO grey scale that we can use inside your piece. Please remeber any words will want to be flipped horizontly before sending, or they will be backwards on your final clay design. A clear image will work best. Larger quality, crips lined images will ensure the design imports successfully. If you are adding fonts or outlining an image, lines that are on the thicker side are better then very skinny lines. Thicker lines are better than thin. The clay needs a space to fit in, thin lines do not offer this.

Note- we automatically add the foot around the image. Take this into consideration if your design has a circle around it, you may or may not want to contribute that to the final design!


Please have your design ready before you order!!! After you order, send us an email with your custom art work. Your order number should be located in two places.  INCLUDE YOUR ORDER NUMBER IN THE SUBJECT of the email,  name THE FILE YOU ARE SENDING us with your oder number as well .

Custom bat

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