Studio Reopening Plan

  1. Of the 6 tables, 1 person will be at each (to wedge clay and leave personal belongings, we ask you leave as much as you can in your vehicles), to ensure 6 foot distance

  2. 8 wheels will be spaced out throughout the wheel room, and will no longer be facing each other

  3. We will be taping arrows around the room to direct foot traffic, this way no one will be bumping into each other and maintain a good distance

  4. Each student will be supplied with a bucket, tools and boards for their work. These tools will be shared with people in other classes, washed and disinfected each class (using bleach and hot water) before and after each guest uses them. If you are uncomfortable with the idea, you are more than welcome to supply your own tools, we’ve attached some links here (These are some great affordable options and very beginner friendly!):



  5. Studio staff will be cleaning door knobs, light switches, tools, wheels, tabletops, sink handles, stair railings, etc. multiple times, DAILY. 

  6. Studio staff will be wearing masks constantly and gloves as often as possible. We will not be touching you or your work so please be attentive in directing your body position/posture, etc. 

  7. We ask that you comply with the state in wearing a mask to class or any trips to the studio. You can wear gloves while working, however it is not required. Feel free to bring some and try it out, if that's uncomfortable you can throw with no gloves. A reminder this clay has not been touched or packaged by us and delivered months ago. 

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