Private lessons are perfect for beginners and intermediate potters! If you're looking to learn how to wheel throw but want some more individual attention these lessons are for you. Maybe you're a beginner or intermediate potter looking for some extra help on your technique, our instructors can help you! This is also a great option for individuals who cannot make our regularly scheduled classes and workshops.

Lessons are priced at $105 per person.

For newbie and beginner lessons: Classes broken into 2 parts. Each visit will last about 2 hours each. Generally for beginners we will make 4 pieces in your first visit and glaze during the second visit. These are very similar to our one time workshops, but we provide more guidance and attention to you!

For intermediate lessons: (or those looking for more guidance on their technique) we will throw for 2 hours during the first visit, and 1 hour the second visit (here we can cover more throwing, trimming or perhaps answer some glazing questions). 

Email us today for times to visit!

325 Chelmsford St. Lowell MA, 01851.  Located on Shaw St. Corner
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