Our private workspaces are great for potters who need more space and can work independently! Perhaps you are making a lot of work, your work is on the larger side, or you have a lot of fun tools you have collected that need homes :)

-One 4 foot table with plenty of storage room bellow.  
-Two additional shelves for you on the wall
-Pegboard for your tools if you would like.
-You will be able to customize the space by adding additional shelves or things you may need. 
-24/7 access to the studio
- NO KILN COOKIES! As long as your glazes are tested and you know your work, in the SMALL kiln you will not need kiln cookies, you WILL need kiln cookies for the larger kiln. 
-Benefits of this space also include being prioritized in the kiln room for firings, and the use of the private smaller kiln once it is set up. 
- Once the smaller kiln is set up you will be able to do customizable firing; such as crystal firings, luster, and decal firings. 
-Your work will be stored on private shelves until fired ( only shared with the others renting out the room)

** Our studio is also interested in other benefits potters may be interested in to see if we can accommodate.

We will have workspaces available for the beginning of August 2021

We only have a total of 5 work spaces available.

Workspaces will need a 6 month commitment

Workspaces are $180 a month, that INCLUDES your $60 membership.

Workspaces will be available on a first come first serve basis, we do have you fill out an application and this will help determine  your place in line for a spot.  Staff will work together and look over these applications to make sure the 5 people chosen to share this space will have happy and cohesive experience for all.

Private Work Space.png