Frequently Asked Questions: 


+Click the event in the white box for class details, dates, prices, etc. (This will take you to our Eventbrite page).

+We usually have about two months worth of classes and workshops posted at a time.

+If you cannot find classes you are interested in, it is possible we are in the middle of a session and the next enrollment has not yet begun.

+If the website is confusing, or you would like to inquire about booking a private event including a party, event, or workshop, etc. feel free to email us!


Email: HERE

Hey there! Here is how to navigate this page:

-SCROLL IN the white box to see upcoming classes and workshops

-CLICK the word EVENTBRITE, in the event you are choosing for pricing, optional dates and other information

-To go directly to one of our class options, click one of the boxes at the right, or below if using mobile

-Scroll to the bottom of the page ( if you have a phone or tablet) or look to the left (pc) for details and commonly asked questions