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Frequently Asked Questions: 


Click the event in the white box for class details, dates, prices, etc. (This will take you to our Eventbrite page).

Our 7 Week Classes happen every 2 months with the following weekly classes:

Monday 6:30-9:00

Tuesday 10:00-12:30

Tuesday 6:30-9:00

Wednesday 6:30-9:00

Thursday 6:30-9:00

Saturday 10:00-12:30 

Sunday 10:00-12:30

7 week classes are currently $260 through our Eventbrite,  use our contact page if you want to get updated on the next registration period.

If you cannot find classes you are interested in, it is possible we are in the middle of a session and the next enrollment has not yet begun.

If the website is confusing, or you would like to inquire about booking a private event including a party, lesson, etc. feel free to email us!

Email: HERE

Hey there! Here is how to navigate this page:

-SCROLL IN the white box to see upcoming classes and workshops

-CLICK the word EVENTBRITE, in the event you are choosing for pricing, optional dates and other information

-To go directly to one of our class options, click one of the boxes at the right, or below if using mobile

-Scroll to the bottom of the page ( if you have a phone or tablet) or look to the left (pc) for details and commonly asked questions

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