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If you throw in the wheel room OR on the Pacifica wheels you need to read this post!

I've been finding a splash pan put on the wheel with brute force OVER part of the mechanism under the wheel head that hold the splash pan down in place instead of being gently slid underneath the wheel head. THIS IS CAUSING DAMAGE THE THE SPLASH PAN AND WHEEL

The splash pan with the smaller bridge and deeper center cut out should go in the back of the wheel and slide gently all the way forward until it touches the wheel head then the splash pan with the bigger bridge and shallow cut out can be gently lifted over the smaller bridge piece. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO CALLED "Cleaning Up After Throwing" at minute 6:12. This is under Studio Tips: Wheel Room if you are looking for a refresher (just know that video looks a bit out of date visually, it's three years old)

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